Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 10.29.40It’s all about the follow-up.

So when business networking during events, why do we settle so often for just an exchange of business cards, or a ‘linkedIn’ connect?

What you really want is for the encounter to be the start of a continued conversation, preferably  with clear agreed-on next steps.

With ByeTalkSoon you can fire off a quick e-mail on the spot, ensuring with less effort that those fruitful encounters turn into lasting conversations.

Oh, and did we mention it’s fully free to use? Give it a try


3 good reasons

Works in every situation.
Some people brought their business cards, some people like to connect on LinkedIn, but everybody reads a short, personal and relevant email.

Integrates seamlessly with your CRM.
After all, if it’s a conversation, it’s a lead!

Keeps your head from spinning
ByeTalkSoon neatly organises your events and messages, so you can come home with a clear head, safe in the knowledge that it’s all there.